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Opennemas: 5 key differentiators of an outstanding CMS

Are you planning to launch a digital newspaper but still have no idea about which CMS might be the appropriate? It is a logical dilemma. Especially in the case of  digital media, whose business model demands constant technical innovations to make reaching out to their audience easier and faster. With Opennemas you will find a suitable, clearly outstanding solution in comparison with [+]

CMS comparison – chapter 2 – The Web Site

We would like to present our second article dedicated to comparing different Content Management Systems, usually called CMS. There are so many CMS out there that it looks very difficult to compare them, but if we focus on the features that really matters to publishers we can narrow down the comparison to just few CMS [+]


 When it comes to news there is a set of expectations that readers have and that may determine the success or not of a newspaper.   Make sure your publication apply the following 10 User Experience (UX) and content tips!   1) The title has to give out the most important information and be catchy, [+]

Opennemas Ad Networks Review

In the first 6 months of 2016 we have decided to analyze monetization advertising services for newspapers and publishers. After many tests we have selected the 5 that we really think make the difference. Please find below our list of recommended services with their PROs and CONs.   Many newspapers start for passion, they start [+]

Our Users Opinion – Opennemas

In the last 30 days we published a survey for our users to complete and it is now time to share results.   In first place we would like to thank all our users that participate and left suggestions and really nice comments!   We are happy to announce that we have already added few [+]

Facebook Instant Articles vs Google AMP

Opennemas offers to publishers the opportunity to enable Accelerated Mobile Page by Google and Facebook Instant Articles for their newspapers. The objective of these new ways of serving articles is to make sure news can be charged and displayed super fast on mobile devices, no wonder both chose a lightning as logo. Moreover Google promised it will index and [+]


Last week the entire Opennemas Team spent a very productive and yet relaxing week in Afife, Portugal. (You can find few pictures below.)   We do this every year, we get together, outside of our comfort zone, outside of the usual, in order to be able to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.   This year was special though, [+]

More Themes for your Newspaper

  We have extended our portfolio of Themes available to see and order through our platform. The look of a newspaper says a lot about it and it needs to change at least once a year. In order to help you with your newspaper we offer our more beautiful Themes starting from 35eur and a Style Guide for Digital [+]