Mobile First

OPENNEMAS-ad300x250-mobile-NEWSPAPER-enFor newspapers now a days is fundamental to think Mobile First.

But, what does it mean?

It means to make it easy for readers to have access to your news on their mobile devices.


In order to do that you can start by planning Design and Social activity at their best.

Please find below some advices and let us know if you have doubts about how to implement them.







  • Social buttons need to be present in frontpages and articles to make it easy for readers to follow, like and share.


  • Upload your news on your social pages and promote them.


  • Comment: let your readers comment, or even better try to make them participate including a form for them to submit ideas, feedback or even news.


  • Send newsletters with relevant or most read news, let your user choose if they prefer daily, weekly or monthly newsletters.


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