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 In order to start a digital newspaper you need, in first place, to identify your target audience and plan your content. Once that you have set your objectives and plan for your publications it comes the time to make it reality!   Here there the 5 steps to launch your newspaper in less than a [+]

Opennemas Ad Networks Review

In the first 6 months of 2016 we have decided to analyze monetization advertising services for newspapers and publishers. After many tests we have selected the 5 that we really think make the difference. Please find below our list of recommended services with their PROs and CONs.   Many newspapers start for passion, they start [+]

More Themes for your Newspaper

  We have extended our portfolio of Themes available to see and order through our platform. The look of a newspaper says a lot about it and it needs to change at least once a year. In order to help you with your newspaper we offer our more beautiful Themes starting from 35eur and a Style Guide for Digital [+]

5 Digital Journalism trends to follow in 2016

In this article you will find the trends we identified as “must follow” for Digital Newspapers in 2016. Don’t miss out! Check out the list below and let us know if you need more information about any of them. 1) Charts: they combine perfectly images and data, it is what people look for. We do [+]

Digital Journalism: Challenge or Opportunity?

Newspapers all around the world are facing a big challenge, we are told. We have been hearing and reading a lot about the shift from “traditional” to “digital” journalism, and with that it comes the multiplication of sources of information and the fight to make the difference, to keep readers and to acquire more. We [+]