Facebook Instant Articles vs Google AMP

Opennemas offers to publishers the opportunity to enable Accelerated Mobile Page by Google and Facebook Instant Articles for their newspapers.

The objective of these new ways of serving articles is to make sure news can be charged and displayed super fast on mobile devices, no wonder both chose a lightning as logo. Moreover Google promised it will index and give priority to AMP pages when search are run on mobile devices.


We have been observing FIA (Facebook Instant Articles) and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) for a while now and our conclusion is that they have very similar frontend with very different background.


Both have a minimal and similar look&feel: you notice an article is FIA when in your fb app the article has a wide opening with a picture and only a small black bar on top. You recognize AMP pages because of the clean structure: 1 image, 1 title, social share, the text and little more.

There is one huge difference though:

  • FIA is a replacement of the publisher landing page. Facebook in fact replaces the publisher web page and becomes the publisher.
  • AMP is a renderization that does not affect the publisher hosting of the site.

Another difference is in the way to submit your articles to the 2 providers.

  • With AMP you need to translate the page following the rules of AMP, that mean removing script, applying a certain structure and including only ads Google AMP approved, so that it will create another page that will the extension amp.html. Then you publish it and you check indexing in the webmaster tool to make sure you do not have errors. All AMP articles need to have an image otherwise they will not be indexed.
  • With FIA instead you need to register in facebook first and then submit via RSS feed (or using API or third parties tools) your articles until facebook team revises them and let you know if they are good to be published or not. It takes about 2 weeks for the submission feedback iteration, but at least you have the feeling that there is a team helping you out.


This is what they look like 

Article Pronto AR with FIA

With FIA

Article Pronto AR without FIA

Without FIA


Article Mundiario with AMP

With AMP

Article Mundiario without AMP

Without AMP


Article Navarra with AMP

With AMP

Article Navarra without AMP

Without AMP


Article Sierra de Gata Digital with AMP

With AMP

Article Sierra de Gata Digital without AMP

Without AMP


If you want to add to your newspaper FIA and/or AMP version please do not hesitate to contact us. It will only costs you 30€/month and we will activate it within 24 hours.

We have also published few articles to help out understanding how they work:



If you have any doubts or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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