Monthly Archives: July 2016

Opennemas Ad Networks Review

In the first 6 months of 2016 we have decided to analyze monetization advertising services for newspapers and publishers. After many tests we have selected the 5 that we really think make the difference. Please find below our list of recommended services with their PROs and CONs.   Many newspapers start for passion, they start [+]

Our Users Opinion – Opennemas

In the last 30 days we published a survey for our users to complete and it is now time to share results.   In first place we would like to thank all our users that participate and left suggestions and really nice comments!   We are happy to announce that we have already added few [+]


Check out our classification of the most read articles of June!   1#   On 1st position we find Pronto Argentina with  [transl] “Paula Chaves confessed ‘I am desperate’, 326k pageviews*, published on the 13th of June.   Extract: The TV host opened his heart and communicated through social networks her despair. Read it:   [+]