CMS comparison – chapter 2 – The Web Site

We would like to present our second article dedicated to comparing different Content Management Systems, usually called CMS.

There are so many CMS out there that it looks very difficult to compare them, but if we focus on the features that really matters to publishers we can narrow down the comparison to just few CMS on the market:

We have previously talked about the Frontpage Manager, which is a unique Opennemas feature, essential for newspapers.


Opennemas_themes_May16Today we would like to talk about yet another essential need for publishers: the newspaper web site.



The web site includes 3 aspects: the Design (colors, typography, style, fonts and fonts size), the Structure(Menu, Categories, Header, Footer) and the Grid for the publication (columns, widgets, ads, etc).


The web site for a newspaper has to look professional, be easy to read, be mobile responsive and includes social features for readers to interact.


All this is provided by default by Opennemas, including standard widgets such as the weather and journalists, editors and publicists can easily manage any contents and publish it, while Administrators can choose different Themes and Layout any time and adjust look & feel of the newspaper without needing any technical or coding knowledge.


Check out our Themes collection!


Create your newspaper with Opennemas, try for free and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for more points of comparison to come… this was just the beginning!








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