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The 10 most-read articles in the Opennemas network in 2016

There are only a few days left to welcome 2017, and the Opennemas team wanted to take stock of the successes harvested by the wide range of digital newspapers that use our CMS and integrate our network. This week we revealed you which were our 10 best opinion authors. Which ones were more close to the readers in [+]

The 10 best opinion authors into the Opennemas network in 2016

Is there an excess of opinion and discussion in the media? The debate is assured, and also a different social and political context in comparison with the past that serves to explain its rise. We have talked about it in Opennemas. On what relevance for a digital journal have an ‘army’ of columnists who call readers [+]

5 tools to help you grow your digital newspaper

A few days ago, Opennemas team met briefly in order to debate on which 5 services are indispensable when you think about retain (or increase) your digital newspaper audience. In addition, a new ‘discussion’ was opened (hey, stay calm, we have a really good feeling between us): Which tools should be absolutely essential for a newspaper into [+]

This is what 5 of our most loyal customers think!

It seems like yesterday, but eight years have passed since the Opennemas project came to light. Today, it is no longer just one of the most appreciated CMS on the market, but also a platform on which ‘digital media’ and even journalists on their own have found a clear and innovative solution to meet their [+]