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 When it comes to news there is a set of expectations that readers have and that may determine the success or not of a newspaper.   Make sure your publication apply the following 10 User Experience (UX) and content tips!   1) The title has to give out the most important information and be catchy, [+]

It is time to accelerate your news with AMP

The ultimate technology to accelerate the delivery of your news is now available to all Opennemas newspapers. More than 80% of news are read on mobile and tablets and it is vital that the reader has access to the best content available for his/her endpoint. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the latest innovation by Google for [+]

News and Money: how to fund a newspaper

Opennemas supports FREE information. We allow newspapers to add and manage advertising as much as paywall because we want for the information to stay FREE!   In the time of social networks everything is marketing, the claim is more relevant than the content, the opinion takes over the facts… and news end up being advertising.   Newspapers should be indipendent and they should be [+]