Reducing complexity and costs for newspapers

At Openhost we are always trying to save time and money to our customers.

We are building a system that will allow customers to pay and receive their invoices inside the Opennemas platform so that the Administrator will be able to access numbers and invoices at all time. Because our mission is to save time and money to newspapers and take care of technology so that they can focus on content and news quality.

This is not an easy task and it will not be available tomorrow, however while developing it we are simplifying our costs by lowering all users license, pageviews and storage fee to the minimum.

We hope you will be as happy as we are! (smile)

  • Users License: all newspapers have 1 free user administrator.

Then the administrator can add as many users as he/she needs and they will all have the cost of 0,40 EUR per day or 12 EUR per month.

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  • Storage Space: The first 500 MB are on us.

Being a cloud service we have to maintain the high standard of the infrastructure to make sure there is no downtime and size of storage affects us, this is why we ask customers to contribute with a minimum fee of 0,01 EUR every MB that passes the 500MB.

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  • Pageviews: we believe in our users and we believe so much that we wait for you to be successful and established in order to ask to contribute to our business, this is why we offer first 50.000 monthly pageviews free of charges and only after that we charge for 0,00009 EUR per pageview per month.

While previously we had an awful table with thresholds in order to stay in business, now we can finally reduce complexity and costs to make it the same for everybody and to keep them as low as they can be.

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