Subscriptions, whatsapp and media

What by many people is considered “back to school” time for us is the time to find the way to keep a forever lasting Summer spirit…  and what could be better than launching 1 new module, 1 new mobile feature and 1 more media manager view?


We do not want for Summer to be over so we are working to mantain sun and fun attitude and keep releasing new and exciting features for our users and their readers.


So, what we are talking about:


1) A new module is available for purchase on the market: “Subscription“.

This module allows newspapers to create content and mark it as “only available for registered users” when registration is FREE.

It includes a customizable form for the registration, a login system for registered readers and the functionality in the Content Management System of locking exclusive content.

Create Exclusive Content!



2) A new feature is available for responsive templates: whatsapp sharing button.

Articles, Images and Video can be shared with only 1 click!

                      Share via whatsapp!


3) A new feature is available for Images selection in the Media Manager: mosaic view and selection.

What earlier was a plain list is now a wonderful mosaic for content creators to look at many images at once and select the one they prefer among all of them.

Enjoy your images and pick the best!



Would you like to suggest next feature?

Please do so either submitting your idea at sugerencias-para-opennemas

or sending us an e-mail to [email protected]

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