News and Money: how to fund a newspaper

Opennemas supports FREE information.

We allow newspapers to add and manage advertising as much as paywall because we want for the information to stay FREE!


In the time of social networks everything is marketing, the claim is more relevant than the content, the opinion takes over the facts… and news end up being advertising.


Newspapers should be indipendent and they should be able to make the money they need to keep the freedom of reporting the facts, because now more than ever we need for information to be reliable and clear.


How newspapers can make money indipendently?

  • Advertising

It is a very difficult debate: apparently people hate ads. We have read so many articles about ad blockers lately… but we think that when people complain about ads they complain about invasive, annoying and not relevant ads.

There are ads that are beautiful, relevant and non-invasive. There are ads that help us knowing new things. There are ads that will allow us to access special offers we would not know anything about if it wasn’t for the ad.

Digital Ad Technology is aware and is working on this: now we have behavioural, retargeting, programmatic and new offers that take the best of advertising and give it to people.

A product that we would suggest to check out for example is mobile technology to serve relevant and non-invasive advertising.


  • Paywall

Tricky. All newspapers wonder the same: “what my readers would pay for?”

For business magazine and finance material is easier: numbers, reports, analysis… everybody is paying for figures.

But in the case of newspapers what readers could be interested in paying for:

    • Exclusives
    • Reportages
    • Videos/Movies/Documentaries
    • eBooks
    • Pictures/Images
    • Particular Newsletter
    • Fidelity Cards


  • Crowdfundings

Complicated. It requires a mission, a statement and to reach out to as many people as possible.

It is a great tool though.

The spirit: community of people funding a project because they want to see it brought to life.

If you want to start a newspaper in a community because you feel there is a gap of information that needs to be filled, we advise you to reach out to the community, you may discover that they think the same and that they would be happy to fund the creation of it.

Please find below 2 suggested articles about this topic:

    • One article shows the best campaigns of crowfunding in 2014

    • The other explains models and sites in 2014


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