Choose your Theme and give your newspaper a new look

Finally our Themes are available for you to choose, check out and/or change them anytime you want!


We have a portfolio of Standard Themes that is now available to see and order through our platform.


The look of a newspaper says a lot about it and it needs to change at least once a year.


Therefore we selected our last 12 months templates and made them available starting from just 35eur.


All Themes are mobile responsive, so that all news appear beautiful and easy to read on any devices.

All of them include one Social widget to go to the social pages of the newspaper and one to allow users to share articles thourgh their Social Network.

More widgets included are: “Latest News”, “Weather” and “Most read”.


What are you waiting for? Go to your Opennemas and look at them!

If you are not already part of our family, sign up now, it is free!!!

Sign up now! It is free!

If you want to see them live before signing up, it is ok too, please find below a list of Themes:


If you are thinking about starting a newspaper and you would like to know more about us, please send us an email to [email protected]

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