Who says it has to be complicated?

It seems so far away the time when we were going to a cafe with our one newspaper arm in arm and engage in discussion with bartenders and friends.

I like to imagine that politics and sports were favourites especially on Sunday, while more sophisticated people were maybe talking about war and philosophy.

We were used to have one source of truth and we believed it and follow it until the imposition of the web.

Things change.

So now we have unlimited access to information, from multiple sources, for free, in real time (or almost), from everywhere and we can know something of our town and something about the other side of the world in just few seconds… and on top of all this we can also share it with our friends.

Wow! This seems too good to be true.

In fact there is one big side effect: the web suddenly shed light on relativism and different interpretation of facts, we step by step started to realise that the effect of the primordial word of mouth tale of changing a bit every time it was told it affected all… where do we find the truth then?

We have to choose it.

We study a bit the sources, we do indigestion of information and at the end we choose what we think is more reliable and relevant to us.

So now newspapers do not have only the tough responsibility of reporting the facts to the world, they also have to compete with all the other sources of information and find the way to be “the choice” of their reader.

We save you time and money so that you can spread good news  around the world.

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