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Discover more about OpennemasWe have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers and we would like to share the answers with everybody so you can better understand this new technology by Google to accelerate the delivery of your news on mobile devices.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the latest innovation by Google for publishers to improve content performance on mobile devices.

By applying the AMP technology to your news you will have a mobile optimized page that will appear first in Google search results and guarantees that your readers have a seamless experience with your newspaper.


  • What is the advantage of applying AMP to my pages?

Google will place first in the results of searches all those pages that have AMP implemented, if the search if run on a mobile device.

65% of worldwide users only access the Internet through mobile devices, to run searches, to access social networks, etc. By activating AMP all users that perform searches in Google on their mobiles will see your newspapers articles listed first in the results.


  • Does AMP replace my newspaper web or theme?

AMP visualization is not a design option and it cannot be customisable by newspapers. It is an add-on to your existing web site, it does not limit or replace any existing template of your news site.

In other words, AMP provides a new visualization to your news, it does not replace any content.


  • Which pages will be visualized as AMP and which ones will not?

Only inner pages will be displayed as AMP, i.e. inner articles.


  • What kind of advertisment can be included in the AMP articles?

All 300×250 ads DFP, Adsense and included in the supported networks ( will be available for your AMP inner articles.


  • Can I choose which articles to display in AMP?

The objective of AMP is not to select or replace articles, but to offer an improved option to access news from mobile devices. For this reason, all news will be available in both AMP and responsive formats.


  • Will AMP change the way readers access the newspaper?

Google search results will offer AMP links ONLY if the search is run on a mobile device.

If a user from his/her computer (DESKTOP) runs a search on Google and in the results there is a link to a news of yours, those links WILL NOT BE AMP.

If the same user performs the same search on Google from his/her tablet/mobile and access the link of your newspaper, the article will be served the AMP way.

All AMP articles include a link to go to the “complete website” for the reader to be able to continue navigating your newspaper.


  • How does monetization work? How will my newspaper gain money with this new technology?

Monetization works the following way:

  • AMP articles will be showed first in the search results and your newspaper will gain visits.
  • Ads will appear in the article. For the moment we have included 1 default 300×250, but we are going to add up to 3 in the next weeks.

The important is to understand that this technology is adding a new opportunity to webs to show first in search results. It is important to have a responsive web also to guarantee a perfect experience and to let users navigate from the AMP article to a mobile version of the newspapers: menu, frontpages, etc.


  • Will my readers need to download anything to access AMP pages?

Users and readers do NOT need to download or install anything on their mobile phones.


  • Why is AMP a module in the Opennemas platform?

AMP has been implemented as module in Opennemas platform because is a feature that improves the performance of your website. It is like activating a Pack or any other module: ads, news agency, newsletter, etc. This means that a very small monthly fee will be applied to the newspaper in order to use this new technology and enjoy AMP version of all articles without having to do anything but activating it.

It works this way because AMP requires a continue improvement approach and maintenance services. Our team will keep investigating, improving, adding latest available features and especially will keep in contact with Google support, its forums and the development sites of the AMP project.

We offer this service to our newspapers for a quite reduced price. Why do we do it this way? Because we want for all our news websites to have access to this innovative technology.


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