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Navarra_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Aug16 On 1st position we find with  [transl] “WhatsApp messages of the detained for the rape during the celebration os San Fermín: ‘Fucking one among 5. What a great trip’“, 1242k pageviews*, published on the 17th of August .

Extract: The name of the group was called “The Pack” and the friends that were not there answered at the aknowledgment of what had happened: “Motherfuckers, I envy you.”

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ProntoArgentina_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Aug16 The 2nd most read belongs to Pronto Argentina, [transl] “A diffferent girl! Look how ravishing is today Morena Rial after one month from her surgery“, 563k pageviews*, published on the 18th of August.

Extract: The daughter of Jorge Rial went thorugh a gastric bypass on the 15th of July. After a bit more than a month, the changes in her fiigure are notorious and she shares them on social networks.

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ElSalvadorTimes_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Aug16 The 3rd spot instead is taken by El Salvador Times with [transl] “Grandmother of the student that gave birth in a bathroom of the Damián Villacorta: ‘The person who tempted her was a pastor, the husband of her sister“, 126k pageviews*, published on the 16th of August.

Extract: Sandra N’s grandmother blamed an evangelic pastor, which lives in the same home wher the your girl lives, of “tempting” her and being the father of the dead baby.

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ElDiarioCantabria_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Aug16 On 4th position we find El Diario Cantabria with the article [transl] “Guys accused of the rape during San Fermín encouraged each other claiming the turn to abuse the girl”, 114k pageviews*, published on the 9h of August.

Extract: The report of the magistrate states that one of the accused was recoridng a video whilst the others were turning towards the camara in several occasions.

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PeriodicoCLM_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Aug16 And the 5th top read article of August 2016 belongs to Periodico CLM with the article [transl] “The controversial anti nudist campaign driven by the PP in Talavera de la Reina“, 110k pageviews*, published on the 15th of August.

Extract: The controversy has arisen following the publication on social networks of a photograph of a naked man on the beach of Arenales. In the absence of a regulation that prohibited it, conservatives have decided to post signs to discourage this practice.

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*Data Source: Opennemas Customer Network Analytics.

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This classification has been done choosing the most read article per newspaper between the 1st and 31st of August 2016.






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