opennemas_newspaper_wakeup_600_rh In order to start a digital newspaper you need, in first place, to identify your target audience and plan your content.

Once that you have set your objectives and plan for your publications it comes the time to make it reality!


Here there the 5 steps to launch your newspaper in less than a day.


1) Design: choose for your newspaper a mobile responsive theme:

  • Choose a Theme that is clean, easy to read and that reflects your style.
    If you want to check out our Themes you can check our page: http://www.openhost.es/news/opennemas-newspapers-themes-style/
  • When it comes to mobile remember that “less is more”, organize frontpages in an easy to read way and do not keep thousands of news in it. Make sure that the font and size your are using is pleasant and not too colourful or light.
  • If 1 image says 1000 words, video says even more. Make sure there is at least one video in your frontpage.
  • Check out also the 2 new mobile add-ons for web publishers created by Google (AMP) and Facebook (FIA) that promise an easy and fast download of news on mobile devices, and in the case of Google AMP a better SEO for your newspaper: http://www.openhost.es/news/opennemasfia-vs-amp/



2) Are your journalists set up to be able to publish from a any devices?

  • Choose a CMS (Content Management System) that is designed for journalism. A blogging CMS will not make your life easy as it will not include all the features that a newspaper needs, such as the Frontpage Manager. To find out more about a content management system that was designed by journalists for journalists check out our Opennemas on https://www.opennemas.com/ (you can try it for free).
  • Make sure journalists feel comfortable publishing from mobile devices, you never know when inspiration and/or occasion present themselves.



3) Social Networks: a very effective way to make sure you reach more readers:

  • Social Networks are often used by readers as aggregators, so that more news from more sources can be read many times a day. Make sure you ask your readers to follow your Social Pages and share with them relevant content, especially videos and media.
  • Include in your newspapers a social share button in all inner articles and a “follow the news” button in your header and footer. Allow also comments to your articles. Interaction means engagement and engagement created loyalty. Opennemas provides by default all social buttons so that by adding your page or profile in the platform all your articles are set to be shared and header and footer contain the link to your social page.



4) Content strategy in order to publish more engaging news:

  • Analyze your most read news. You can easily do that by adding Google Analytics to your newspaper. If you do not know how we offer in Opennemas an easy integration that allow you to add your identifier and be ready to check your data. Learn more on http://help.opennemas.com/knowledgebase/articles/566148-opennemas-how-to-add-google-analytics-to-my-news
  • Identify topic trends.
  • Follow your audience, interviews with readers may be very interesting and could unveil new trends. Also ask for participation and them to send you interesting news.
  • Create more video.
  • Make sure you ask for comments and actions (sharing, liking, replying, etc).



5) Would you like to monetize?


If you have any questions or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail: sales@openhost.es







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