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In the last couple of months we have heard many many discussion about google “mobilegeddon“, a new indicator for users that tell if a web site if mobile friendly or not (


  • We have reported stats about numbers of users on mobile growing.
  • We have shared a style guide where “mobility” is a fundamental requirement to be a publisher now a days.
  • We have launched our completely Responsive Platform

Why do we do this?  

Because we want for our users to be successful!

It is not about Google checking on you or adding a tool to evaluate your site, it is about taking care of your readers.

This is why we are doing our best to help users to embrace the mobile era: in first place by offering the best Content Management System Mobile Responsive and now also offering to our BASIC users to get a Responsive Newspaper for only 20EUR per 12months until the end of May.

Every month we look at our roadmap and we discuss trends, behaviours, innovations, next steps, priorities, and we select or modify our internal projects to create something new or better.

Our team is made of a nice mix of engineers, web developers, designers, sales and marketing people, and behind all those people there is 1 idea, the common idea that makes us work every day for our users: mobile first!

We all read our news on mobile phones first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at [email protected]

We love to listen and talk, we see feedback as a gift, always!

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