Digital Journalism: Challenge or Opportunity?

Newspapers all around the world are facing a big challenge, we are told.

We have been hearing and reading a lot about the shift from “traditional” to “digital” journalism, and with that it comes the multiplication of sources of information and the fight to make the difference, to keep readers and to acquire more.

We have also seen social and mobile technology raising fast and with it the demand for news to be nice, easy to read, to share and to comment from any devices.

Monetising also require continuous optimisation and planning through multiple channels as much as they need a continuous effort in learning new technologies and advertising systems.


In Openhost we believe that this challenge represents a great opportunity!

Great journalists with passion for story telling and facts can join effort and build their own newspaper quickly and with low budgets with Opennemas.

We believe that there are no less readers, on the contrary we believe readers multiplies daily and they all want to count on different resources and are always looking for more.

The world of news has changed and there is no way back.


We move faster, we read faster and we want for our newspaper to follow us.

In order to be successful today you need at least:

  • good journalists to create great content
  • multimedia communication
  • non invasive and performance focused advertising
  • premium content for premium segments of readers
  • social media activity
  • trends and readers behaviours analysis
  • appealing look
  • stable and secure infrastructure
  • easy to use content management system


Let opennemas help with technology so that you can focus on your passion for journalism and readers!

Check out our offers, modules and other services!

Create your newspaper: It is free!


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