Happy Easter… with Responsive Web

andennorteSpring finally arrived and a mini Easter break feels like well deserved after yet another upgrade to Responsive Web, also Anden Norte is available on all screens now.

So let’s grab our mobile devices and go out play, you will still be able to read all your favourites news!

Since the beginning of this year we have put a big effort into switching all our processes to fit a user friendly Mobile First environment and now we are helping our newspapers to join us and jump at the opportunity of upgrading their site to a responsive site.

Up to 60% of users already read the news on their mobile and if we add tablets to the picture we go up to 85% of users.*

We launched more than 5 new responsive themes last month and we are seeing an increase of page views and a reduction of bouncing rate.

If you are thinking of opening a newspaper please try us for FREE, you will realise that we take care of everything so that you also have to take care of your content!

Happy Ester break!

Opennemas Team

*Data source OpenhotsSL.

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