Opennemas New Design Unveiled

We are ready to launch our new platform!

This week all existing cusomers and also new customers will finally have access to the new opennemas!

Join us and try it out! It is free! Publish your news now! It is free!


The new interface is faster, more modern and especially is Mobile Responsive, so you can work with it from any device, since we have updated all the technology behind the application to improve performance. These changes also leave us much room for expanded functionality in the future and we ensure greater security.

We are also updating our knowledgebase and video so that you have the best experience in learning how to use our platform.

But we will not stop there, thanks to our users feedback and our continuous improvement process, we will keep updating and expanding services to remain the number 1 in the management of content for digital journalism.

Send us your feedback at [email protected] and be a promoter of future changes.

If you are already a user of the opennemas services you will notice our main changes:

  • New design in the whole control panel navigation;
  • The welcome session and first steps registration tutorial are simplified and much more enjoyable;
  • There is a new section “MyNewspaper” where active services can be checked at any time and new services can be requested or explored;My Newspaper Opennemas
  • The Main Menu bar has been moved to the left to leave space to a new top bar for quick services, like “create new” that was the most wanted feature promoted byour customers;
  • This change to the top and main bar also guarantee a better usage on mobile and tablets and let the journlaist decide if to compress or expand it;
  • All content lists have been updated to inlcude more and better filters, allowing users to skip to page 50 if they want to;
  • The images selection is way easier and faster thanks to the picker system;
  • The global search tool (lens) has been moved to the main menu under “Utilities”;
  • Managing “Authors” is possible now from main menu under “System”;
  • More extrenal services have been added to “System>Configuration” such as Vimeo and Linkedin*

We would like also for yo to know that sections below are under revision and will be updated further in the next months:

  • Frontpage management;
  • Advertising;
  • Newsletter.

*Openhost SL is not responsible of the content provided by third part services (aka external services)

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