CMS comparison – chapter 3 – Advertisement

Is it possible to take to the next level your digital media with online advertising? Yes, of course, and it is also feasible to do so in a simple and intuitive way so that it does not matter if you are a content manager, a publisher or a webmaster.

In this third chapter of our serie dedicated to CMS comparison we will explain why Opennemas provides an outstanding service in comparison with other existing Content Management Systems on the market. For example, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.




For a digital newspaper advertisement should be as important as content (articles, opinions, images, etc). Why? Easy: because of the revenue that generates. We are not discovering anything new, however sometimes publishers and journalists do not give enough importance to this aspect and to how to manage it, how to monetize. And this is a key performance indicator of the good health of a media.

And it not just a matter of knowing how to integrate ads on frontpages and articles of newspapers, it is also fundamental to understand that users will more likely get tired, if the advertisement strategy is not the correct one. Therefore, the proper distribution of ads on home and inner pages will have to be thought of in advance.




WordPress. Joomla. Drupal.All of them allow you to manage internally ads, but, sometimes, the complication lies in the how to organize an the structure without having to install multiple addons or extensions that may result in a lower performance of the web and/or in a complication for journalists end editors.

Opennemas is a CMS designed for digital newspapers, and it has a KEY ADVANTAGE: its advertising module is within reach of a click. For those not familiar or accustomed to using supplements, installing multiple plugins –this is the case of WordPress- or extensions – used by Joomla – may turn out to be a complication, also because they are likely to fail at times.

Opennemas offers an easy Ads Manager, convenient and also ideal for anyone who takes his first steps in this business. With it, you can manage all the site advertising on your own through a very simple administration panel.

What types of advertising will you be able to manage on your site? Both static and dynamic creativities. You can choose how to distribute them – either on frontpages or inside of the articles, etc

Check out our articles to discover how easy it is to inlcude ads in your newspaper:



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