CMS Comparison – Opennemas, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

We would like to present our first article dedicated to comparing different Content Management Systems, aka CMS.

There are so many CMS out there that it looks very difficult to compare them, but if we focus on the features that really matters to publishers we can narrow down the comparison to just few CMS on the market:


Let’s start saying that the 3 tools mentioned above were born mainly to build WEB SITES.

So maybe we need to start defining the first very big difference between a WEB SITE and a NEWSPAPER.

  1. On a web site you manage pages, on a newspaper you manage frontapages.
  2. Pages of a site usually contain homogenous content, news frontpages contain the most diversearticles, videos, opinions, images.
  3. Pages of a site may have different contributors, a newspaper needs many contributors: authors, opinionists, journalists, publicists, editors, directors.


This is the first huge differentiator:

OPENNEMAS HAS A VERY EASY TO USE FRONTPAGE MANAGER that allow administrator or user with proper profile to organize the content in the frontpages (Home or sections frontpages) the way it seems most appropriate.

  1. As easy as a drag and drop system.
  2. Check preview.
  3. Update instantly the look and order of the content, articles, opinions, widgets, ads, video, albums, etc

Check out our Frontpage Manager



Create your newspaper with Opennemas, try for free and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for more points of comparison to come… this is just the beginning!









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