5 tools to help you grow your digital newspaper

A few days ago, Opennemas team met briefly in order to debate on which 5 services are indispensable when you think about retain (or increase) your digital newspaper audience. In addition, a new ‘discussion’ was opened (hey, stay calm, we have a really good feeling between us): Which tools should be absolutely essential for a newspaper into his growth strategy?

Sometimes, media just think on what to publish and when. That is not enough. Is needed to analyse which contents can attract your target and, especially, to offer innovative formats from time to time. Why? Because you need to reactivate your users curiosity and awake the interest of those which don’t still follow your news. We have chosen five ideas or alternative ways. The following ones.

PRACTICE1. You work in real time, but also in the medium term: Sure, immediacy is a key factor, but you will win the race against your competitors if you can force yourself to define a timetable with all events and key dates that will attract the attention of your readers. Elections or sporting events? Mark them in advance.

2. You must tap the newsletter potential: If you do not, you will lose boosting. Think like your target would do and imagine at what time is most receptive to get your news. Morning session? Late in the evening? Try to urge them to sign up and you will expand your scope. Opennemas can help you. Check it out here.

3. Big Data, star ingredient of the new journalism: Now, more than ever, readers throughout the world want concise information, ‘easy to eat’. Make it comprehensible just depends on you, nobody else. How? With infographics, timelines or interactive maps. We recommend you to use these three tools: Piktochart, TimelineJS and CartoDB.

4. Just working on local information? Imagine that you are already the regional media benchmark. Maybe you are forgetting how powerful is the adding impact of news agencies. You can integrate them into your digital newspaper and engage people which are used to read the general media. Try to do it with Opennemas!

5. Work with blogs and liveblogs: So easy and a rising trend all over the world. If you can work side to side with influencers or interesting personalities, your results will be better. How? Offer them a personal space, where they could get more ‘feedback’ with readers. And what about liveblogs? You can concentrate a large number of visitors in real time at your website.

If you still have questions about how to take the first steps in your digital newspaper, try with Opennemas and contact us! Customised solutions are waiting for you.



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