5 digital journalism trends to follow in 2017

¿To adapt or to die? For journalism, this has been its lapidary maxim during the last decade, and in Opennemas we talk about it almost every day. What new ways should be worked, in the medium term, to reach the public. And as we did last year at this time, we have analyzed five of the trends to follow in the digital media towards 2017.

And to understand them, what better than to take note of the predictions of the Nieman Lab, which belongs to Harvard University and it is one of the benchmarks for any professional or interested in the subject. Among the many collaborations of his study published a few days ago, the Opennemas team has taken note of these utilities. And yes, several can already be executed with our CMS!

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1. Top quality news, but paid: Yes, there are those who miss that the information stops being free, but there are types and types. According to Jon Slade (director of the Financial Times), in 2017 is anticipated a growth of the quality contents, focused on a very specific target and premium subscriptions. Do you want to try it in your digital journal? With this pack of Opennemas you will know how.

2. Virtual reality development: Using the mobile and living the stories as if you were inside will practically go hand in hand. That’s what Garciamedia’s CEO Mario Garcia senses, warning that initial 360-degree experiences like the New York Times will be one of the hallmarks that will determinate digital media in the future.

3. The power of local information: ‘Micromedia’ will have a real test of fire in 2017. It is becoming more common to see how initiatives by city or region reach better those local stories of high interest and how generalists do not. You can do it too. How? With the ‘Communicates’ module in Opennemas. Check it out here.

4. Feedback with the community: It seems obvious, but is often overlooked. Elite Truong (Vox Media) urges to take care to users in the coming year, and also analyse how they react and comment on the news. How to give them voice on your platform? We give you an idea: try the ‘Connect’ Opennemas module and your readers will be able to contribute with your news and feel closer to you.

5. More and more messaging applications: Where is your audience? Yes, in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. Do not think of it as a chat, but as a distribution channel. It’s a trend to use GIF’s, Emoji icons or stickers in the news, and it will no longer be strange. That’s how Samantha Barry, CNN, sees it.

Will they become true? It is a matter of time, but we are preparing for it. And remember, you can create your own digital journal in just a few minutes with Opennemas. Click here to find out how. And if you still have doubts, talk to us. We will be happy to help!



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