Opennemas improves news management security

In the continuous effort to improve and give more support to newspapers and digital information we have improved the way to access our content management system by making sure is marked as secured protocol https.


ssl-2We have been certified Security Socket Layer (SSL) and now we are taking care that all the data our newspapers enters, publish or edit is encrypted while in transmission.


In other words the Security Socket Layer is a like a magic code cloak that makes your data incorruptible while transferring it from browser to website.


The most well-known use of this safety connection system lays with online payment, in fact to make sure that credit card details are not stolen while floating from browser to website the SSL system encrypt the data and make them unavailable for anybody that may try to grab them in that super short instant of journey.


So we decided that we wanted to treat your content the same way, like something super valuable that needs to be protected while gets transferred.

You can also read about our SSL certification on our dedicated opennemas support page.

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