A video from the past…

While performing a bit of Spring Cleaning as today is the perfect festive day to do so we found this video from 2 years ago…
When we were just launching our platform of content management for digital newspapers Opennemas around the world.

Note: if you are on a mobile device  please skip to minute ’27 as the video below could be showing the long version of the news.

We could not help but watching it, like if it was some kind of time capsule, we all shared that mix feeling that manage to combine the “seems yesterday” and “seems 10 lifetimes ago” and we were all happy at the end because we realised the long way we have walked since then.

So we thought to share our pride:

  • Our team doubled its size
  • We were managing 500 newspapers now we are managing 1500
  • Our platform has evolved and it is now more stable and scalable than ever
  • We think Mobile first now
  • We have tripled our ad-hoc customers and we still treat each and every of them like our very first one
  • We are now offering also consultancy and training services while we keep studying and improving to make sure we help our customer business to grow too
  • We keep supporting information and journalism all over the world

…much more to come still…

Happy Spring!

Openhost Team

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