The 5 most-read articles into the Opennemas network in December 2016

A few days ago, Opennemas team revealed which 10 articles were the most interesting to readers in 2016 within our network of digital newspapers. And today, in this beginning of January of the new year, we will reveal to you what 5 news reached the highest of our ranking in the last December.

In the list there is place for texts related to the world of gossiping, but also for events, television appearances and even opinion columns. Do you want to know how many pageviews each one of them got? Keep reading!

1. ‘En medio de la incertidumbre por su salud, Benjamín Vicuña llamó llorando a Pampita‘: It could only be in Revista Pronto. This Argentina magazine is a real reference in the panorama of the ‘pink’ daily news, and this article of Agus Andújar catapulted them to the number 1 with 352,129 page views.

2. ‘A Fernando, padre de Nadia‘: A lot of people expressed their opinion and acted as thinkers during the surprising ‘Nadia case’, but few of them managed to capture the serious background of the case as the Spanish journalist Andrés Aberasturi. He did it in CLM24, and it was a success: 195,369 visits being published in the middle of the month.

3. ‘¿Qué son y qué significan las nuevas señales de radar naranjas?‘: Road safety measures and a headline in question format. The equation gave much of itself because shows that the reader likes to see their doubts resolved. In this case, the authorship was from El Diario de Cantabria. The result? 139,625 page views.

4. ‘Antonio Resines denuncia que España “se ha cargado” a Fernando Trueba‘: The premiere of ‘La Reina de España’ was difficult in terms of box office returns, and an appearance of Resines on the TV generated a curious controversy after his statements. In Estrella Digital they knew how to take advantage of it and gained 135,711 visits.

5. ‘Explosión en una vivienda de la plaza de Vidal‘: A complete gallery of 66 images about one of the events of the month in Salamanca. The audience is not only interested in the text. They also want to be a kind of ‘witness’. Salamanca24Horas took 77,322 page views on December 21 with this format.

As you may have noticed, these five digital newspapers already know how to squeeze all the possibilities offered by our CMS (Content Management System), Opennemas. And they will not be the last. Stay tuned, in the coming days we will give you great news!


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