Opennemas top 5 most read articles in January 2016

We were curious to discover which were the most read articles in our Opennemas network in the first month of this year.

Look what we found out!



On 1st position we find Pronto Argentina with “Desolados, Campi y Denise Dumas piden ayuda en un triste momento“, 365k pageviews*, published on the 20th of January.

The article tells us about the sad story of a dog that goes missing and has a happy end (smile)

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The 2nd most read belongs to Nueva Tribuna, “Siete cenas para bajar de peso sin dejar de comer“, 171k pageviews*, published on the 29th of January.

Very useful suggestions for new year resolutions and post holiday recovery. Yummy!

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The 3rd spot instead is taken by El Diario Cantabria with “Los lesionados en accidentes de tráfico desde este 1 de enero recibirán indemnización de por vida“, 169k pageviews*, published on the 31st of December, reaching the day view peak on 2nd of January.

We think this is a “must know” information as it tells us about how the compensation law in case of accidents has changed and include new categories and rules.

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On 4th position we find La Región with “El post de Michelle Jenner que toda mujer debería leer”, 161k pageviews*, published on the 26th of January.

It informs us of an interesting instagram post about the “imperfect woman” written by a famous actress from Barcelona.

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And the 5th top read article of January 2016 belongs to Periodico CLM, “La dirigente de Podemos que viajó a Venezuela estaba condecorada por el sector opositor”, 70k pageviews*, published on the 21st of January.

On the Spanish political scene this article offers clarification about a travel to Venezuela of a representative of the Party Podemos.

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*Data Source: Opennemas Customer Network Analytics.

Opennemas has a network of over 5500 digital newspapers around the world.

This classification has been done choosing the most read article per newspaper between the 1st and 31st of January 2016.


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