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ProntoArgentina_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Apr16On 1st position we find Pronto Argentina with  [transl] “Bomb news for Andino: his daugther gave a news that is hard to digest“, 315k pageviews*, published on the 27th of April.

Extract: The dear journalist confessed to PRONTO a situation that was presented in the last year and that he has struggled (and is still struggling) to assimilate … It is nothing more and nothing less than the presentation of the first boyfriend of Sofia, her 14 year old daughter ..

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Navarra_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Apr16The 2nd most read belongs to, [transl] “If you are going to have a baby in 2016, these are all the benefits you can apply to“, 110k pageviews*, published on the 6th of April, a guide with all the social security and tax agency information and help available for new mums .

Extract: If you’ve just become a mother or are about to have a baby this year, you want to know all maternity benefits you can apply through the Social Security and the Tax Agency, in addition to the cuts in recent years, especially in the regional section, all aid has been “doctored” so you should be well informed to collect and submit all documentation as soon as possible.

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NuevaTribuna_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Apr16The 3rd spot is taken by Nueva Tribuna with [transl] “10 foods that give you Seratonin“, 100k pageviews*, published on the 17th of April. Interesting list to keep in mind before going shopping.

Extract: Low levels of serotonin are associated with mental disorders or issues: migraines, aggression, anxiety and insomnia. Serotonin has a neurotransmitter function, commonly regarded as responsible for keeping in balance the mood element. It is called the hormone of happiness. In this article you can find a list of 10 foods that help increase serotonin levels.

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PeriodicoCLM_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Apr16On 4th position we find Periodico CLM with the article [transl] “Advertising for the value of 9 millions euro, this is the way Cospedal diverted Toledo’s Hospital money“, 62k pageviews*, published on the 14th of April.

Extract: Some of the money from this health infrastructure was intended to cover the governamental propaganda of the Popular Party. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance of Castilla-La Mancha, Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, who has assured that executive Maria Dolores Cospedal used the financing of the new Toledo Hospital to pay institutional advertising bills.

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EstrellaDigital_Opennemas_mostreadarticle_Apr16And the 5th top read article of April 2016 belongs to Estrella Digital with the article[transl] “The crisis of the 40s and popular marathons, a deadly combination“, 58k pageviews*, published on the 16th of April.

Extract: Every year there is an average of 127 deaths in the amateur sport. In many cases this is connected to the crisis of the 40s, especially in men. People rethink their shape and relationship with health and decide to sign up for popular races with not enough preparation. In order to reduce this number experts ask for prudence to prevail over the so-called spirit of Peter Pan and to attend medical check-ups before undertaking sport/activities challenges.

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*Data Source: Opennemas Customer Network Analytics.

Opennemas has a network of over 6000 digital newspapers around the world.

This classification has been done choosing the most read article per newspaper between the 1st and 30th of April 2016.



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