Bigger and better

Openhost Team and family

2013 came to an end, and it has supposed a huge boost to our company. Last year, a lot of customers came to us and, more and more people are using now our software to create online newspapers, Opennemas.

Engineering level

Last year was a really busy team were some research and development took its place:

  • a lot of improvements in our platform, stability and scalability were our key factors
  • huge improvements in our release process
  • we have done good improvements at project management and
  • our high demand web projects have grown exponentially. This have supposed that we had to rethink our subjacent platform, and we are pretty confident to be able to handle high user loads in our web products.

The most significant change in our projects was that we have moved to a SCRUM-based project management, and  we have embraced the DevOps philosophy.

Now we are pretty confident to be able to build stable products, involving our clients and partners from day one.

The company

At the company level, 2013 allowed us to build rock-solid foundations that will allow us to achieve bigger clients and to grow in the future in a stable way.

We meet awesome partners that will help us to build better and more completed products. The key for us is to give to our customers polished and better products.

Looking ahead

We hope this year to grow like never before and we will work hard to improve even more our internal processes and developments. Just to be able to improve our platforms in such a way that will make our customers and partners happy when using them.

Stay tuned as we expect to release awesome news in the coming days.

Nevertheless, we could never have done this without our amazing bosses:



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