Welcome to our new site

It’s been almost five years since OpenHost came to life, and since then all of us have been working hardly to achieve one goal that was in our minds: Create one of the best platforms to online journalism and made it available to everyone.

A lot of things have happened since then. We created from scratch our own technology by our very first client Xornal de Galicia (xornal.com, now defuncted) and we have been improved it since then while a lot more online newspapers came to our platform.

Today we are really proud of having a large amount of journalists using our platform, Opennemas, and they are helping us day by day to improve it by using it, reporting bugs, making suggestions and requesting new features.

And we are here to stay! We think that we can improve even more our effort to make our initial goal even more reachable and used by all of you.

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