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Yesterday we have released our latest project based on the Opennemas platform, our product for creating high performance and modern online newspapers, to our premium client Estrella Digital (

In order to make this project a huge success we have partnered with Wecom (communication agency) and GoodNews Media (design study). The result was a huge step forward in design, client interaction and feature improvements that will be reflected in our community in the coming days.

Each partner took part in different steps of the process. Wecom have managed the client relations and gave them advices for better content production, GoodNews media have created a high quality design and finally we have adapted the design for the web, improve it along the process to get better performance, device adaptability and we did on site client training.


Talking about the design we are really proud of presenting one of the more beautiful design we ever made, with responsive capabilities, optimized for text readability with special focus on getting contact viral while reducing the bounce rate.

Below you can see how frontpage adapts to your device, whether you are visiting with your phone, table or your computer:

But there are a lot of parts that have received a lot of attention. Articles, Blogs and Opinion articles are some of them.

Many more designs are about to come, for now we have plans to create special designs for videos and polls, among others.. So stay tuned.

Final Thoughts

This was a gorgeous project to work on, both client and partners have been working with us in a very close position, with continuous meetings to polish our platform to their needs and improve the final design. They were three hard work months but the final product was worth it.

If you are interested on improve your online newspaper get in contact with us by using our contact mail ([email protected]) or check the Opennemas web page.

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