Breaking News: is Summertime! 4 advices for digital newspapers

What does it mean for media and digital newspapers summertime?

Summer is normally the season when business slows down and most of people plan some short or long holiday… well not in digital journalism and for newspapers, nor for openhost and opennemas.


Readers on holiday will read more news as they will have more free time, they will rely on their favourite newspapers to stay in touch, to know about their home places, to be entertained, to discover new trends and places, to share more, and more likely they will do it from their mobile devices!


In order to make sure it is all ready and set then, we would like to share below 4 advices about how to prepare for the summer:

1) Design: is your newspaper web page mobile responsive?

  • When it comes to mobile remember that “less is more”, organize frontpages in an easy to read way and do not keep thousands of news in it. Make sure that the font and size your are using is pleasant and not too colourful or light.
  • If 1 image says 1000 words, video says even more. Make sure there is at least one video in your frontpage.

2) Are your journalists set up to be able to publish from a mobile device?

  • Make sure journalists feel comfortable with publishing from mobile devices, you never know when inspiration and/or occasion present themselves.


3) Did you plan to invest a bit more on your mobile marketing campaigns?

  • Social, video and mobile campaigns should be top of list as audiences of tv and desktop will slow down.


4) Did you develop a strategy to publish more entertainment and local news?

  • Analyse your most read news.
  • Identify topic trends for the summer.
  • Follow your audience, interviews with readers on holiday may be very interesting and could unveil new trends. Also ask for participation and them to send you interesting news.
  • Create more video.
  • Make sure you ask for comments and actions (sharing, liking, replying, etc).


We hope you all have great summer time and please do not hesitate to contact us, we stay here, for all of you, to help out if needed with any of four point above 🙂

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